How to protect your hair during winter season

How To Protect Your Hair During Winter Season.

Hello Ladies!! It is common knowledge amongst us that we should always keep our hair looking amazing throughout the year, but during winter it is hard to stay in that “amazing hair on fleek” spirit’; Because the harsh weather could wreak havoc on all hair types in more ways than one if the right steps are not taken.

So what are you going to do? Wait for this season to give us a permanent bad hair day or fight back with a few tips? It is quite obvious that the latter is the best option so let’s take you through a few tips on keeping your hair healthy during winter

1) Reduce your hair-wash routine: when it comes to winter, washing your hair daily should never be an attitude you adopt. If you've been washing your hair every day of the week throughout the year, now is the time for you to reduce your hair wash routine to just two to three times a week. This would help minimize the amount of heat that goes into your hair during styling.

2) Engage sulphate-free shampoos: shampoos that have sulfate as an ingredient in them can ruin your hair especially during the winter, as it takes away beneficial oils from your hair.

3) Trim your hair: the cold weather would make your hair ends dry. Try to trim those dry and split ends regularly; it would help keep your hair healthy and make it look fresh.

4) Avoid hot-showers: we know it’s freezing outside, and a hot shower can make you relaxed, but you need to avoid it. The hot water can strip your hair of its moisture and make it vulnerable to breakage. To avoid this, use lukewarm water instead.

5) Never go out with your hair wet: always air dry your hair before leaving the house. Exposing your wet hair to the freezing weather could make your hair lose its color fast and also makes it prone to breakage.

6) Shield your hair from the cold weather: when leaving the house, cover your hair with silk scarfs or wear hats to protect your hair from the harsh freezing weather.

7) Keep your hair hydrated: always restore your hair’s moisture regularly as the cold weather always strips hair of its moisture.Try to enrich your hair with vital oils that contains Vitamin E. You could use Argan oil to help moisturize your hair instantly.Also wigs and hair extensions are a very good source for protective styles. you can shop at for your wigs,bundles weaves,frontals & closures.

8) Your diet plays a role too: ensure that during the cold weather, your diet is mostly filled with Vitamins C, A,E as well as iron too. You can also keep your hair healthy by taking a lot of fluids every day.

Your hair needs to be properly taken care of regardless of any weather, but winter is always that time of the year that your hair’s strength is tested. Try the above amazing tips to make your hair stay healthy and on fleek all throughout winter.

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